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    I currently use external hard drives for all of the video storage, but I use a lot! and wanted a better way of doing things , but don't know a lot about things like this ....

    First question, I have multiple External Seagate hard drives, various sizes ( 1 & 2 TB ) and wondered if its possible to strip out the HDD from the external enclosure and put multiple ones into one the multi enclosures?

    if I do that ,do they remain as they are, or do they all need to be formatted / work together rather than separate drives?

    If I couldn't do that with the drives and was to start with new ones, similar question really, if I buy a 5 or 6 bay tower, and fill it with 2TB 3.5 HDDs, do they act as 5 x 2TB drives, or one 10TB drive?

    and finally, I cant see anywhere that says, but I presume these enclosures work off one connection to the PC / power ?

    probably all a bit simple, but I am simple when it comes to this


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    You can usually decide if you want to have them as single drives, striped or mirrored.

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    Your ideal solution will depend on what you need, i.e. whether you want security/reliability, speed, or ease of management. Your current set up can be an effective way of archiving and managing/grouping projects, providing you are able to physically store and manage the drives. This normally requires physical labelling, and indexing, which can get confusing.

    If you want to use your existing drives, you can house these in an external enclosure and use JBOD ( This is a cheap and effective way of physically storing drives, and also lets you hook up multiple drives using one connection. This will be a good solution for your past projects.

    Going forward, you would want to look at using RAID. You can store multiple drives in one enclosure, which are seen as one drive. There are various configurations, but with four or more drives the optimal solution is RAID5. With this method, should one of your drives fail, the data can be rebuilt using the remaining good drives. You lose capacity, but protect against loss of data.

    Personally, my work flow is similar to yours. As I edit projects, I store all video files on an internal drive (although not the OS drive). When the project is finished, I use the project manager on adobe premiere to remove all unused clips and collate to a new folder. This gets archived on an external drive, which is labelled by year. The files on the internal drive are deleted. I don't keep back ups of the projects, but I store the final video in at least 3 locations: online on Vimeo, on my iTunes sever (which is also backed up) to another location, and on my editing machine.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thank you

    Yes, the footage that will be put on the drives will be archived, but still needed stuff, so while it wont be major projects, I will still need fast enough access to copy over some files I may need again in the future. Reliability is obviously important, I have a back up of everything, but of course don't want to have to upload things again if something fails

    At the moment I have no problem with the External Seagate drives, I have room for them, but its room that's not really easy accessible, ie for changing drives when I need them, so its either run 8 lots of USB cables and power leads, or find a single connection solution

    I will have a bit more of a look down the RAID route and see what I can work out from that


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