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Thread: Speed w/Blurred Background (GoPro)

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    Default Speed w/Blurred Background (GoPro)

    This is a fun video to watch. Question - how is he getting the blurred background with the in focus car? (starts at 0:15)

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    Perhaps the camera is attached to the car.

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    It's definitely attached to the car. I've done similar angles and sped up the footage, but it doesn't give it that blurred effect. Maybe I didn't speed it up enough?

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    I think he shot with longer exposure.

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    As Ray said the trick to getting a blurred background in a shoot like this is having a long exposure or slow shutter speed. If, like on a Go Pro, you can't do anything about that then make sure you set the Go Pro on it's lowest frame rate. This will help make the background blurry when you speed up the footage.

    If you do this on a dull day then it will work better as the cameras auto functions will help you get the result you want.

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    Thanks guys! I'll give the lower frame rate a try next time.

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    I believe its not filming there around 0:15, but taking pictures for a photomotion. Set your camera to take pictures every second or less, attach it to your car and start moving.... Here is one I made once:

    The low shutter speed = blur is easier to see in the tunnel sections
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    Hey Tim - you're right! I was reading about this technique elsewhere. Thanks - and nice vid.

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