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Thread: Bees & other insects

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    Default Bees & other insects

    Here is the last one of these "focusing exercises". It's called Bees and other insects. You may not notice all the insects at first but there is at least 1 in every shot mostly more than one. Some of them are so tiny I didn't even notice them until I saw the footage on the big screen. So when you see the bees for example also look for the other tiny insects.

    Doing this series of videos has taught me a lot about how to get the best out of my camera and I learned a lot that I didn't know before. Things like finding the sweet spot of the lens to name just one. ie between F8 & F13, depending on the focal length, on the lens I always use, below that and above that iris setting the focus is slightly softer.

    I hope you enjoy this one.

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    Another good one. And I agree that this one is nicer than the previous, but just because the macro images are more interesting (that sphere inflorescence is amazing when the little details are revealed!!). Are you using an specific macro lens or a zoom?

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    It's a Nikkor 28-300 zoom. The trick I learned in this video to get macro like shots which is different from the others was to change the camera from FX mode (full size sensor) to DX mode (smaller size sensor) which enlarges the image.

    "that sphere inflorescence is amazing" It's a type of thistle & the bees love it.

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    The video needs more bumble bees! Just a joke - I have nothing to criticize. Its visuals worked really well with the music.

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    I am really not the right man to comment on this one (my own cameras never have had too good manual settings for me to actually learn much about proper focusing, focal lengths etc), but I'm slightly curious about those bees.

    How easy was it for you to find bees to film? I've been hearing news of bees dying away and can't really remember seeing a single one this summer myself (some wasps, though). It must have been years since I last spotted multiple ones on same flower/bush as you had in few of your shots. I take it this was filmed in UK, so the climate should be pretty much identical to my location.

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    Yes it is true that the Honey bee has been hit hard by falling numbers. We know that these plants attract bees so make sure we some in our garden. I have noticed that we have had more bees this year than last year probably due to the very nice summer this year compared to last years wash out.

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    Ss cinema beat me to it. There are more bees on that one flower at 1.45 than I have seen all summer !

    Nice steady camera work mb and fitting music choice. As in your last video the slowed frame wasps at 2.03 don't work for me. At what fps did you shoot the original footage ? As a rule if I shoot at 50fps I won't go any slower than 50 percent other wise it just doesn't look natural.
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    I did shoot some footage at 60fps example the bee at around 1:28 so I could get some slow mo but the wasps shot was at 25fps. You're right it just doesn't work very well. With what testing I've done on slow mo, I've found I have to shoot fast frame rates to get respectable results.

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    What makes these interesting is that we rarely, if ever, get to study such things in close up ourselves. Out of interest, how close was your lens? (To the subject, not to your nose)

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    I think the farthest away way about 2 feet and the closest was about 8" I just can't get focus any closer. The thing I like about this video is that I keep spotting new things. I mentioned the tiny insects on the flower with the bees but now I've spotted some even smaller ones.

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