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    A lot of you may of seen this ... but I loved this video ... not with regards video editing but the story ... I know Hal (great name )isn't a film maker but he is an artist and I think a lot of you will resonate with this video.
    I am sure a lot of you will be the same !!! using your zimmer frames and armed with your video cameras and microphones .... this made me smile .... very inspiring stuff .... Enjoy


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    I haven't seen that before Bob.

    Loved it.

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    Yes that's definitely you and Tim in old age !!!!

    I think you will like this MB .... terrible quality ...very old. You may of seen it. Richard Wawro was an artistic savant with severe learning disabilities. All his pictures came out of his head.
    This wonderful video makes me laugh and chokes me up to.

    2.14 2.16 - The encouragement from his father and love gets me every time

    3.12 3.19 - Makes me laugh "not at him"2 but at the situation ... the way he looks at his crayons cracks me up in a most wonderful way .. you will get this Dave.

    My favorite picture was 6.39 = boats at night on water (amazing) !!

    Like I said terrible video quality !!!

    Richard makes you believe in magic !!!

    If you have chance to watch it I am sure it will make you smile.

    Have nice night.


    P.s - I looked into trying to buy one of his pictures myself but they are expensive as you can imagine even Margaret Thatcher had some !!!

    P.s - near end he even draws the moon ( landing)

    PP.s - Richard sadly passed away 7 years ago ... I think he's drawing angels now

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    That reminds me of THIS VIDEO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    That reminds me of THIS VIDEO
    I have heard of him but never seen this video .... WOW !!!!! amazing talent !!!!!!!!

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    Nice videos guys! Thanks for sharing!

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