Hi Everyone
I wanted advice on what camcorder to buy and how they compare to the video on the camera.

I took this video of my horse who is for sale - sold now :(
It is with a Canon camera and the 70 to 200 lens so really heavy and difficult to see your subject on a bright day (30degress that day - in the UK!!!!).
Difficult to take a tripod to a show so handheld.
I thought I would do this sort of thing for other people and so I am looking for a quality picture, not so heavy, not having to use the LCD screen.

Having sold my beautiful girl I have some cash and so was looking at the Canon Legria G30.
thought the AF20 was the same except for audio which I dont think I would ever use.
Or should I stick with my camera - what are the pros and cons?
Slightly confused here.
Help - Sue