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Thread: Fresh music video from the new guy...

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    Default Fresh music video from the new guy...

    Whats crackin strangers?! Im new to this site. I've been shooting, kinda directing, and editing videos seriously for about 9 months. I use a Canon 7D and Premiere Pro.
    Heres my latest work. Looking for all advice and criticism. Thanks.

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    I think stereotypes where well presented and fitting the song. I did not like the mix of wide and ultra wide screens. The flickering effect worked well for me.

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    When I see Music Videos in this forum, I generally watch them without the audio. Then, if the visuals appeal to me, I watch it again with the audio. I do this for several reasons (including: I am weird; or I may not 'like' particular forms of music).
    In this clip, I seriously wonder whether the editor has ever watched the clip without the sound. And if they did, whether they found any benefits.
    I can see that everyone worked hard on this clip, but I found it became a little tedious with only these nice chaps waving their arms around in the company of some cars, showing their golden chains and watches. I felt I had seen it all within the first 1 minite. After that, the scenes appear to repeat themselves.
    There were some nice shots (I liked the moving chains above the car bonnet).

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    Wow nice video thanks to share this good video clips.
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    This is not really entertaining, educational or of any interest to me. It is in fact sending a message which is so the opposite of who I am it's unbelievable. Is this really what the youth of today aspire to.

    The video it's self is competently filmed but slightly over exposed and totally lacking any kind of creative ideas.

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    I can´t understand WTF are u saying....

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    Not my kind of music. However it is filmed quite well and the flickering effect works well and ups the production value. It is lacking in any real variation though as it is mainly a bunch of guys stood with cars in a garden. Also some of the brighter shots look a bit 'blown out' and bright and this prevents it from looking 100% professional. Perhaps a filter could be used. Still good work and keep at it.

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    You got a great eye for editing this genre of music. You have good editing skills and I like the pace of the video. They are right some of the clips are over exposed and it is kinda boring after the first minute I started to fast forward thru it. Try to come up with a story board or a plan other than we goin shoot here then we goin shoot here..Make your work stand out....

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