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    Default creating video for HTML5

    I have been working on a couple of web based video pieces to run through html5. The final result of the current project will be that the video will load full screen and will be coded to jump to various sections.
    I asked the question a couple of months ago here about converting files to be compatible in html5 as .ogg and .webm after a lot of testing and research I have found my solution and thought I would share it.

    To begin with, theres this amazing site that tells you all you need to know about videos with html5 here really useful for learning the basics.
    It gives a few suggestions for encoders and I had a go at a couple of them

    first up was Miro
    A lot of people talk about this one and herald it as the answer to converting vidoe to ogg and webm. I however struggled with it, the output of my videos were poor and I'm not sure why, there were also very little tools to allow me to tweak the settings, most annoyingly was size, I could only output to what miro said. Maybe I just didn't see them, either way I gave up on that pretty quickly.

    Firefogg, was really useful, I used this for all html5 short videos on a project and it did the job fantastically. However this time round I had a file which was 15minutes in length which seemed to make it a bit angsty at times, when there was an error there was no real explanation as to what that was. It might not have been my file types when throwing them in, I tried a few, sometimes they worked and sometimes not. There is access to more detailed settings but it didn't like me requesting larger sizes and always damaged the quality of the video a bit too much for this particular video.

    ffmpegtheora. You have to code it to get it to do what you want. I'm no coder with no time to learn and even though I have one on hand for this project I wouldn't ask them to take time out to sort this out for me.

    I searched for ages after that trying to find something that was simple to use, allowed me to tweak settings and provide me with great quality with low file sizes. It felt like a big ask as my original files that need converting were over 600mb. It must exist because I have seen similar projects run great videos in the same way.

    MY solution appeared and it is a mac based app called Any Video Converter Lite. Its given me everything I asked for, for free and has been incredibly easy to use, my files sizes are smaller than I could ever have imaged, the quality is awesome and the ui is incredibly simple and inuitive (woo!). I recomend this for mac users, pc folk I'm sorry!

    Some of the converters I've mentioned may have updated a bit since I tried them, I am also very quick to throw away these tools if they don't work for me quickly. However I hope this post comes in handy for any of you that might be confronted with these codecs in the future.

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    The main difference to conventional video files is - to the best of my knowledge - that the video properties in HTML5 videos are stored at the beginning of the file rather than in the end.

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    I am surprised and confused. AFAIK, HTML5 provides the "<video>" tag, but does not dictate any particualr format or codec. It is up to the author to ensure they provide videos in formats which are recognised by different browsers. According to this page (, the author can include multiple clips; and the Browser will select the most suitable format.
    I suspect the information at may be out of date.
    I am also not sure what the software ( does which makes the videos better suited to HTML5.
    And. I have not heard before of web videos having their properties stored anywhere else but in the headings of the video file.

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