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    very nice! must have been difficult to pace this with the "building" soundtrack... good job mr.fisherman had a catch

    slightly too long but that could be my attention span. but i stuck with it to the end and im glad i did as there are some beautiful shots near the end.

    there were one or two lost heads (something i can be guilty of on ocasion) but generally well shot with a good mix of close ups.

    very enjoyable.
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    Your work rate is incredible at the moment. I'm sure this is all excellent practice as you become more and more familiar with your kit and editing.
    Are you planning to develop into work that's more than pictures to music? Eg a full blown documentary or story (complete with dialog/narration).
    In other words where do you see your video making "journey" heading?

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    new camera?

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    really lovely, agree with enc on the chopped heads and felt the second shot was a bit wobbly against the first handheld shot which seemed a bit unsure as he came into view, but tiny things. nice.

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    Wonderful mood but I have to agree that some of the first shots were a bit too shaky.

    I by the way have a lure as big as the fish you released to go after pike

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    One thing I spotted was the very high shutter speed you used. Is this by choice or just to get the exposure down ? If the latter use an ND filter to lower the exposure so you can keep your iris open when it's bright. Doing this will make the movement more "film like" rather than "video like".

    If that's what you would like.

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    thanks everybody i did like to test my new lens Samyang 35.1.7 yes shutter speed was very hi on the begining later the lith gows doun end was normal end somwear dawun

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