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Thread: Cutting up Videos.

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    Default Cutting up Videos.

    Hi. I have a load of avi files and I want to cut parts out of some then put my selected parts together, how can I do this? I have access to Premiere Pro 1.5.

    The first clip I just need to cut out the first 10 seconds or so and I guess thats pretty basic but I cant see how its done. Thanks if you can help.

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    It's the easiest step. Right-click in the project window (the one at top left), and choose 'import' to get your clips.

    Double click any clip to open it in the preview window, underneath which are in- and out- point markers. When you've set these, drag it down to the timeline.

    An even easier way is to drag the whole clip down to the timeline. When selected, hover your mouse pointer over the beginning and/or end point of a clip. It will change to a square bracket. By holding the left mouse button down, drag left or right to shorten the end - or adjust the beginning. You'll soon see how easy it is.

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    And you still have the razor tool (or C). Just cut the parts of the video that you don't want and delete them...

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    Okay, thanks a lot guys. I cant try these things yet because im on another pc so ill try them on my other pc as soon as I can. Thanks again for the help.

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    Default Same problem

    I got the same problem.

    I got a big file that i want to chunk up in smaller files, and remove some unwanted fotage (ex. camera faceing the floor etc.) There is quite a bunch of unwanted film that i want to cut off cuz it's takeing too much of a space in my HDD.
    But i dont want to use the razor tool, i want to edit the original file.
    I looked everywhere in Premier Pro, must i use a separate program?


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    The concept of non-linear editing is to build a video using reference points from source material. The whole point is that your original materials stays intact.

    What you want to do, i.e cut the video into smaller chunks, is the very fundamentals of editing. Simply drop the portion of video you want as a new file on the timeline and export.

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