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    This has to be one of the best all round general filming tutorials on the internet. If you watch it you will learn something, whether you have just started or been filming for years. It is presented by cinematographer Richard Michalak.

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    A well explained piece on the road map to good film making . . . most newbies want to try to reinvent the wheel though, cause they're media savvy and they're gonna show the world how to do it their way. But as this guy explains, the wheel has to be round cause that's the way it works best
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    And I'll dare say the majority of them won't want to invest 40 minutes of their precious time learning anything.

    When they have brain meld downloads for this sort of thing, so the info goes direct to your brain in 4 seconds, it had better be wireless because they would be hard pressed bothering to plug themselves in to it.

    40 minutes to learn a masters lifetime of learning, or ''oh look, funny cat''.

    Thanks for the link MB

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    Nice 40 minutes!! Thanks for sharing MB!

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