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Thread: Led lights.

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    Default Led lights.

    Recommend a portable led light [s] for close exterior fauna / flora filming. Must be able to dim to give dappled late sun effect. Would filters be good.?
    Many thanks.

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    A brief summary.

    Led lights only transmit light at certain frequencies. This is mixed to give the impression of white light. The more expensive the led, the better the quality of light. You will not get a decent, accurate led fixture for less than a thousand pounds.

    If you go cheaper, then you might as well go for the really cheap, chinese leds available on ebay for 20 - 30 pounds. Designed to go on top of a camera, with 126 or 160 leds. Spending 300 on a litepanels will not do you any favours.

    You can only filter light out, you can't filter light in. So you can filter out excess green but can't filter in any missing frequencies (usually around the amber/yellow part of the spectrum).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rembrandt Rob View Post
    ... but can't filter in any missing frequencies (usually around the amber/yellow part of the spectrum).
    Which is presumably the part of teh spectrum you particularly want to emphasize for the evening sun...

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    Thaks for the info, Will try a couple of cheap chinese lights

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    Will try a couple from our chinese friends.
    Thanks for imput

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