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    My post reads like a complete trashing of your video, it's not meant like that but there are quite a few very minor issues which all add up.

    Yeah, okay but.... I'm not sure who this is for. As a snapshot of a part of an event is was okay but I felt that I didn't really know what was going on. It was a bit of a "day out" video put to music and, if that was your intention, it worked well. If it was supposed to show the atmosphere and emotions of a "gay pride" event it didn't quite do it. There was also a bit of hammering. You know, you show something like the gay cop, then you keep showing him, then another shot of him, then another one until the viewer shouts "Okay! I've got the message, now show me something new!"

    Forgive me for nit-picking but you've got an occasional habit of not keeping the camera level, especially on moving shots. It's not a strong tilt, which would be deliberate, but a side effect of using a dslr which you need to be aware of.

    Also the constant loss of focus (or focussing on the wrong subject) got really annoying after a while and suggests that maybe this would have been better shot on a proper camcorder.

    Sound-wise the cross-fade from "Summertime" at about 1:45 wasn't quite right although the fade back at about 3:30 worked well. You were trying to fade from one beat to another and they were too far apart to dissolve seamlessly. Either that or the DJ who mixed it needs to up his game a bit.

    So I feel that you had a chance to do something a bit special but it didn't really work for me. Sorry.

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    An excellent review from Rob. I have to agree with all his points (because he is annoyingly good at observing these things).

    I think you captured some fine stuff here. I'm not sure I like the jump cuts although they do kind of work in a post contemporary context. (what ever that means)

    I think you have fallen for the "I've got loads of good shots so have to use them all" editing trap. Take a couple of mins out by only using what contributes to the story and you'll have a much better piece. Even though this is IMO a good piece already. I know I would have been pleased to have produced it.

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    I liked the initial and final shots of the city, some people details..... But the "fashion" shots could be reduced by 90%, unless you have to show them to somebody (and that would imply in another title for the film perhaps). Some nice female legs though! Guess you have a nice material to re-edit to a shorter and more interesting product.

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    I liked how you built up the tension but the main part had too many shots from the pink background stage (if you wanted to show the general atmosphere of the whole event). The music did not work for me at all. It had too many slow-downs.

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    thanks thanks next project i try beter i lurn from yours reviews

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