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Thread: YouTube uploading problem - Please help!

  1. Default YouTube uploading problem - Please help!

    Hey guys, I make NBA mixes on YouTube (

    I've made quiet a few mixes in the past which have had no problems but recently when I've been uploading mixes or videos (I've deleted them) some of the parts in the video seem to "pixelate" or go "dodgy" for a few seconds. This keeps happening through out the video!

    I don't think it's a rendering problem on Sony Vegas because on my computer it plays fine and smoothly - but when I upload it onto YouTube it starts to go dodgy :S

    I've been asking quiet a few people if they'd know the solution but nobody knows yet, I thought I'd come to this editing forum and hopefully somebody knows a solution! I really need help, this is bugging me!

    Thanks guys!

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    I'm having this problem as well

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    Youtube's encoder currently has problems with some WMV formats. Try mp4 instead.

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    Can you give encoding details like given from

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    Thanks allot man!
    This solved the problem!

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