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Thread: Perfect External Hard Drive?

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    Default Perfect External Hard Drive?

    I now do my editing from a laptop (g4 powerbook) and need to buy an external drive. I have looked around at the usual websites (Maxtor, Seagate etc) and haven't found anything that seems to suit video editing. The best I have found so far is a Lacie 'Big Disk Extreme' - Raid 0, firewire 800 (my laptop has firewire 800).

    The 320 gb one goes for $320. This seems to me the perfect video editing external drive but I have read some grumblings about Lacie's reliability.

    Does anyone have any experience with Lacie or know of any other similar products from other manufacturers?


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    lacie are very good, yep. That sounds like a good solution.
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    No problems with Lacie drives here. If I remember correctly, they use Western Digital branded hard drives inside the case.

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    Just fyi on this (for the Brits): Amazon currently have an external 250GB Western Digital (I think) USB 2.0 7200rpm hard drive on offer for 99. I'm very tempted - for archiving rather than capturing.
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    Just another recommendation - I've used a Fantom external firewire drive for video capture, and it's been awesome. They're available up to 200-300 gigabytes as I recall, and they are bloody fast. No skipped frames. I've even dropped it a few feet (and more than once ) and it still captured like a champ.

    Edit: Oh, nevermind, the Fantom drives are FW400. :cry:
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    800 is backward compatible.

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    Default Firewire drives do work for DV

    Contrary to common belief a firewire drive can be used for editing.
    I have used one with A G4 running Media100 with Fully uncompressed Digibeta footage and although a little unstable at times it got me through the edit. If using any formats of a quality lower than BetaSP firedrives will work fine.
    With DV footage it can easily handle the transfer rate. Just make sure its at least a 7200rpm drive. As usual if your board is a shitty cheap board with on board firewire it may be an issue but otherwise it's fine. Also seeing as your lappie is firewire 800 you are laughing.

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