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Thread: Need experienced vid editor or recorder programmer.

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    Default Need experienced vid editor or recorder programmer.

    Hi all,

    Basically, I play a game and inject marks/colours into it. However, I want to be able to just record the games output. The only known way I know of someone to do this is edit a version of a recording program of which renders 2 versions, one being the one we see on our screen with the chams and the other being the recorded version without the chams.

    If anyone can do it, please get in touch and give me a quote.

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    I am not sure what you mean. What kind of markers are these and do you want them to be removed from the video (why are you inserting them then) or do you want them to be pasted into your final video.

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    Hi I can help you if you still need help, DM me the game and what format you want the recording to be and I can walk you step by step how. Or if you'd like add me on skype BlooSoBloo and I can help you via skype as well.

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