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Thread: Interlace or deinterlace.

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    Default Interlace or deinterlace.

    Ok this may seem a bit daft, but can anyone tell me wether I should be deinterlacing my video on capture or not. I need to know whats best for TV viewing and PC viewing. I am using VideoStudio 9.

    Any comments would be welcome. :

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    progressive's better. interlaced will look like crap on your monitor. progressive will work on everything.
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    Just to qualify: progressive is better if you shot in progressive. Deinterlacing will reduce quality by droping a field; or increase the effective frame rate by combing the fields (this can cause problems).

    GEneral rule of thumb is: if it's not MPEG2 and is being played on a PC, deinterlace or you'll get interlaced artifcacts on a progressive scan monitor. If you intend to watch on a TV, don't deinterlace as you'll lose quality. If it's shot in progressive, leave it.

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