I have been editing my home videos & burning to DVD for a few years with no problems (well yes we all have the occasional (hick-up).
As the cost of a DVD writer & Disks are now reasonable I decided to buy one. I made up a Blu Ray project with 5 chapters. I used Corel videostudio (my present version is pro 6 but I have used all versions since Ulead days) to create each Chapter.
I then as usual used Corel Moviefactory 7 to burn the Blu Ray disk. About half way through the process I received an error message unfortunately I did not record the actual wording but I think it said a certain file could not be found.
So not to be beat I used Roxio 2012ís My DVD I chose the Blu ray option &, eventually after having to get Roxio to change the format, I burnt the disk.
Now comes the problem
When I played the Blu ray all chapter videos where there but 2 of the 5 chapters had no sound!
Has anyone any ideas?
Your help would be really appreciated
All the best