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    Default Sloooow media encoding!

    Hi,I am using Premier cs5.5. I was using Sony pd170s to film local dance school events and other similar type of functions. After editing I usually export to mpeg2 and produce dvds. No problems..I have since gone to Hi Def and although I don't have any issues with editing HD, when I go to export the films to mpeg2 the time it takes to export is nuts! Eg. A two and a half hour show can take almost 24 hours to export. I set the media encoder to export 'mpeg2-high quality dvd'. I recently done a three hour 45 minute show and it is taking an estimated 46 hours to export!
    My setting for export are,mpeg2, 720x576, 5 on the quality (max), 2 pass vbr, target bitrate set to 8,'max render quality' and 'use previews' box ticked.
    The sequence source is 1440 x 1080 and the output is 720 x 576.

    Am I doing something wrong here? My pc system is, Intel xeon twin processors, 6 gb ram, and a 7950 gt video card. I have a feeling that because I am down scaling to dvd format, that this is why it takes so long. Any theories? I don't want to produce Bluray disks at this stage, only dvds. Thanks and Cheers!

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    Which Intel Xeon exactly (frequency, model number, ...)?

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    Hi XXLRay, Would love to answer your questions but the pc is still exporting and there is still 24 hours to go ( done 53%)!! and I don't want to stop it at this stage.Will reply when the exporting is done and I can see the specs you are after. Thanks for the quick response, Mardi

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    Max Render Quality & Use previews don't work.

    Leave use previews ticked.
    Turn off max render quality.

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    Hi XXLRay,Guess what. The wife came into my video room to use the pc and switched it off after using it! She didn't realise that it was exporting (!!)..It had another 11 hrs to go and now I have to start again, GRRRRR!!! Anyhow, the twin cpus are Intel Xeon 5130 @2.00GHz. 6 gb ram, 64 bit win 7.
    I'm going to start again same settings but with Bpotter908s recomendations.
    Will let you know the results in a day or two! Cheers.

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    Next time attach a post-it to the screen

    48 hours sound a bit long for me for this kind of processor but did you maybe apply a lot of effects?

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    Hi again.Thanks to Bpotter908 I have managed to export the video in under 7 hours by NOT checking 'max render quality' but checking 'use previews'. Will let you know how the dvd turns out quality wise. Thanks all again. Cheers.

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    Happy to help.

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    Hi Again, Just to let you know that the dvd looks great. The above tips really worked and helped alot. A 2hr programme now takes about 3 hrs to export as opposed to 20 odd hrs with the 'max render quality' setting ticked. Thanks again..

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