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Thread: Out of sync after rendering full project

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    I'm using Sony Vegas home platinum 10 and I am having a hard time with a project for which I can find no answer.
    My project is 20 minutes long. It's an AVCHD raw file, and there are lots of cross fades and effects used throughout. The audio lines up perfectly in the timeline and plays perfectly. But after rendering, the audio lags by just a fraction of a second but makes the video useless for what I'm doing.
    Strangely, if I select a small area of the video and render it, the audio and video are synced perfectly.
    It only goes awry when I render the whole movie.

    Last night I copied and pasted the movie into a new Vegas window, converted the audio to one .wav file instead of many cut pieces, and replaced the audio with this one file. Again, works perfectly in the timeline and works perfectly when I render just a small part of it, but when I render the whole thing, same problem.

    I'm rendering to .wmv but I know it's not windows movie player causing the problem because I uploaded to YouTube privately and the sync issue is still there. I just don't understand why rendering a small part is absolutely fine but not when I render the whole thing. I have minimal programs pushing up the CPU.

    If anyone can help I'd be so grateful. My project settings match my media format and the render settings are ones I have always used without problem (I'm writing here on iPad and can't attach photos).

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    Firstly I have no idea why this would occur BUT I have a couple of possible work around for this project. Have you tried rendering to a different format to .wmv ie mpeg2 or 4 to see if that still has the audio lag. Another work around might be to render the video in two halves then join these two halves as a new project. If you don't alter anything the render of these should be very quick and not re-render the whole thing, with the right settings.

    Hope this helps.

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    "the audio lags by just a fraction of a second but makes the video useless for what I'm doing."
    Is the lagtime consistent (i.e. all out by x secs) or does it increase (i.e. starts ok, but get worse)?
    What is the lag period at the end of the 20 min clip. What 'fraction' of a second is out?
    What was the framerate of the original clip? What is the framerate of the rendered clip?
    What is the actual duration of the clip?; and now many frames does the software claim are in the clip?
    I don't have a clue why the problem has occured, but perhaps this little more information might be helpful. We cannot tell, for example, whether the audio has got shorteE (unlikely) or the number of frames has changed.
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    How is OP viewing this material? Is this on a DVD being played on a dedicated Player and TV?
    Use of a Computer to watch stuff is sometime fraught, IMHO.

    OP could try to insert pieces of text, giving the clip number. When rendered each would be "A short clip" and whilst the crossfades are interfered-with, OP can spot where the error lies....and how it progresses.

    When OP creates crossfades, is it obvious the audio part of the crossfades are exactly the same (Examine by enlarging the timeline).

    Sorry, that my lot.

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