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Thread: Edit Mini DV

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    Default Edit Mini DV

    Is it possible to edit Mini DV film from a Canon XL1s.

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    I can't think of any reason why you can't edit mini DV with any modern editing program regardless of which camera it comes from.

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    Thank you Midnight Blue for your quick reply.
    If my editing problem can be solved, I cant see how will have to dig deeper I guess.
    Once again thank you.

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    What exactly is your problem ?

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    Your biggest problem is likely how to ingest the footage into your computer. You will need a firewire/IEEE1394/iLink interface and you "capture" the footage down a firewire cable in real time. PCs tend not to come with firewire as standard. However, If you're comfortable taking the lid off, a firewire card can be had for around 15. The TI chips have prooved to be more reliable than the VIA chips (hearsay - I've only used TI)
    Editing DV footage will be a breeze and a delight in modern computers.

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    Many thanks Midnight Blue for reply and taking interest in problem.
    I have no problem loading footage to PC via firewire from the Canon XL1s then opening video in the AVS Video Editor software. My problem is I cant work on the film because its just one complete clip even though the film is made up of some 150 or so 25 sec clips. Unlike video shot on stills camera when loaded to the editor this is shown as individual clips. Hope that makes sense. I know the XL1s or old but many are still being used, and videos I have loaded on to DVDs look pretty good.

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    Thanks Tim for reply.
    I have no problem loading video direct from camera to PC and opening in AVS Editor software,
    the problem is then I am unable to work on the film ie, add text, transitions remove unwanted scenes etc. because the video [made up of some 150 clips] is one complete clip.Albi

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    All modern computer editing programs work in a non destructive way. This means you can cut, trim, etc. the one big file without doing any damage to it. That way you can select just the bits you want, add text, choose your transitions or what ever you want. Then render out the new video.

    The original will be as it's always been. Available for you to use again or store it safely somewhere. I recommend you view some basic editing tutorials on YouTube to get a better idea about video editing.

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    Many thanks for help Will check out You Tube.

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    Midnight Blue.
    Thought I would let you know my Editing Problem has been solved, thanks to you for the heads up to You Tube, I wouldnt have thought of looking that way. So once again THANK YOU also would like to say I think the "Digital Director site is the tops for information for us newbies or anyone interested.

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