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Thread: Audio Filter missing ?

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    Default Audio Filter missing ?

    When I load up a project in Premeir Pro I get this message appearing:

    Audio Filter missing: 1349013063 Noise Gate

    I am only getting it in this project but i am having some audio problems. I keep getting little clicks or Ch's sounding noises. I take them out and then they reappear, and are more noticable when i burn the film to DVD.



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    My guess, from the way you phrased the question, is that the project was created by someone else and you are simply trying ot open it. I;ve not encountered this error. maybe because I do my sound editing and filtering in Audition. My guess would be that the previous author has some sort of preset to one of the audio effects and you have not inherited it.

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    Seems like an accurate guess to me. The film is on a Freecom external Hardrive and was edited by soembody else in Premier so it seems like that was the problem. I took the audio files out and fixed them in audition to make sure and things are fine now.



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