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    hey i just did my first video on you tube (acctually i have two on there)..i would just be really appretciate it someone would look on it an give me some tips. I want to get better at making vids for marketing and education purposes ..anyway heres the link..

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    Getting rid of copyright issues already would be a first important step: "This video is not available in your country."

    I couldn't watch it although I tried some Youtube proxy sites.

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    I saw 11 static images in a clip which lasts almost 500 seconds. I would have preferred to have seen many more (perhaps 100 or more), otherwise it can feel a bit boring.

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    It's not so much a video as just a slide show of different stills. As Tim says, leaving one still image on screen for a long time will become dull for the viewer. Video is all about movement either moving the camera or usually things moving in from of the camera.

    Use that as a starting point for your next video.

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