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    Anyone filmed out the back of a moving vehicle before? Any grip recommendations?

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    I've tried it in a slow moving car with just a tripod which worked ok but if you are going to be doing anything fast remember to strap the camera op to the car for H&S reasons. You might also look at strapping the tripod to the car also. I saw a BBC H&S video about filming out the back of a car once but can't remember the link I'll post if I can find it.

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    I've filmed out of helicopters and light aircraft before. General rule of thumb is lock yourself down first, then lock and cushion kit against vibration which is your worst enemy. Bean bag/memory foam pillow for support and wide angle gives best results
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    I very much like Zero's excellent suggestion to reduce movement between the camera and the car body.
    Probably a dumb point, but: Would there also be any advantage is filling the rear of the vehicle with heavy weights? That might help reduce the movement between the carbody and the suspension and wheels? Or is stabilisation easier to do using software afterwards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    I saw a BBC H&S video about filming out the back of a car once but can't remember the link I'll post if I can find it.
    It'll be this one, I think:

    We tried a tracking shot from the top of a motorised lawn roller (for cricket pitches) moving at about half walking pace. Couldn't even get that to work because of vibration (as Zero says)

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    Yep, that's the one. Thanks Tim.

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    you guys rock, thankyou. After some conversations with client now they want camera on bonnet of car, I've done that before with a cine saddle, found one to hire, just need to practice my 'truckers noose' knot.

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    They show how the filmed from the back of a pickup:

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    Quote Originally Posted by XXLRay View Post
    They show how the filmed from the back of a pickup:
    The equipment they used is way beyond my knowledge and skills. But, some things looked strange. For example, I could not see the point of putting a cameraman on the back of a bike? The camera may as well been attached to the side of the bike to get those shots of other bike's wheels. I am also not clear how much they may have stabilised the scenes afterwards using software. And oddly, the clip did not demo either of Zero's earlier suggestions.

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