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    hi.....I'm what is described as an old geezer having come to computers at age 63...I have however got to grips with it and am now editing video OK..BUT.(isn't there always a but!).I have just tried to add background music for the first time.I have my music on CD and have placed it in the drive,followed all the instructions up to 'add to movie'.at this point the music title etc appears on the time line but when i try to play the final result there's no music to be heard. ....original camera sound ok,sound effects added from the pinnacle stock OK but no what have I missed folks.oh before you ask I have pressed the 'download 'button and it seems to have done it. this music is a big step forward and would appreciate any guidance.Cheers Pete

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    It's simpler to copy your desired music files to the HDD first, then add them to a project in Studio.

    Studio 8 has many niggles, and rather than spend time wondering why it won't do what you want, what I've said above will work fine.

    Do you have Musicmatch? Or any app that will 'rip' music files? There are some free utilities on the web that will do this - do a google search, offhand, I can't think of any.

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    Default pinnacle studio 8 adding music

    Thanks for the idea but I think you mis understand.....the programme indicates i have added my music to the movie i just can't hear seems as if i have omitted to do something has anyone else found this..can anyone just go thro' the sequence for me.the Pinnacle help feature doesnt seem to be much use!..

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    Well, I was only offering a solution. If you'd prefer to spend hours wondering why it won't behave, then fine. I'm just trying to save you a bit of time.

    If you look at Pinnacle's user forums (not sure if they're still active) you'll find uncountable numbers of disgruntled users who threatened law suits against them for their dubious, untested software.

    Studio 8 has many bugs, and I hope you don't waste too much of your life discovering them. Honest, this opinion comes from experience, I'm 53, so not far behind you.

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    Default pinnacle studio 8 adding music

    hi stealth poster
    you are going to to have to take me thro' this a step at a time...ten years can add a lot of cotton wool to the brain!....I now have a music file as you suggest which I want to add to the project but there's no input on the studio 8 only CD.I've tried inputting my project to Windows movie maker to add the music thro' there but it won'recognise a pinnacle film file!

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    Trust me, it couldn't be easier. I assume you know there are various music file formats? Studio 8 likes mp3s and wav files, I'm not sure if it accepts other types.

    Put them in one folder, just as if they're video clips. With your Studio project open, navigate to the folder (the 'album' bit at the top left) so that the music files start to be listed.

    Next, do one of two things: either drag your selected music file down to one of the sound tracks (the bottom two are for sound files). This'll drop the whole song, so you'll need to shorten it (edit it), same as with video clips, to fit your project.

    Or edit the music file in the sound window: double-click the music file (the icon in the album part) and I think it opens the sound edit window (not so sure about this, you'll have to try it.) The sliders below will alter the in- and out- points of the song. When happy, drag the edited clip down to the music track.

    Sorry to be so long winded, it's far simpler than it looks. Give it a go, and post back.

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    Hold it - I've just checked Studio 9, and before you can open your music files, you need to click the speaker icon at the left of the album. It's the fourth or fifth icon down.

    And double-clicking the sound file doesn't seem to open it in an edit window, so use the first method - I don't want to wrong-foot you.

    Sorry about that - but the rest still stands. Hope it works okay.

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    Thanks my friend works as you said it would!

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