FOR SALE - This professional real-time video editing system comprises a PCI video editing card, breakout cable connector box and software CD's of Adobe Premiere Pro (video editing software), Adobe Audition (digital audio editor), and Adobe Encore DVD (for the creation of DVDs). It is in immaculate condition, having been bought new for about 750 (if memory serves) around 10 years ago, and never used.

Due to changes in my personal circumstances back then, the system (along with the majority of the rest of my stuff) had to be put into storage. It remained there, unused and inaccessible until I rediscovered it while downsizing my storage last year. So I'm now having a major clear-out and, as I've decided I'm probably unlikely to use it in the future, I've decided to offer it to anyone who may be able to give it a good home.

I remember seeing several of these on ebay a year or two ago so I know there is still some demand for them out there and I'm hoping some dedicated user will see this for the rare opportunity it is; a chance to acquire an original, mint condition RT.X100 at a much lower price than the original (or even current) price.
See the photos for more details - although the box itself is unsealed, the packages within have never been opened - the CD's are still sealed and the manuals are in unread and mint condition in re-sealable bags. The card itself is still in the original sealed antistatic bag and cushioned cardboard box, and the cables/connector are also in a protective cardboard box. This system has never been installed in any PC system or even removed fully from the box (except for photographing).

300 ONO - (over 1,000 less than the current asking price on of 1,310.46 inc VAT!) It's a rare example of a piece of video editing history in perfect condition which you are unlikely to find anywhere else at this price. Cash on Collection from Essex please.