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Thread: How to make intro like in this video?

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    Question How to make intro like in this video?

    I want to make intro like in this video( but I do not know how. Can someone please help me?
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    It could be e.g. made in blender but will require a lot of work.

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    It says "video does not exist" if you follow the link.

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    The forum's auto emoticon system sometimes affects URLs. The OP's video is here:

    As XXXRay suggests, the effect is best created using a modelling application. Other than the difficulty of learning how to use the software, the designer must also consider the paths for each of the 'objects', collision and shading effects. Some standard 2d editing apps may contain effects to give a 'shattering' effect (eg. as in Adobe AE), but are less good at creating 3d objects.

    In addition to the above, a further considering may be the movement of the 'camera'. I made a this demo clip recently (best seen in HD),
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    Maybe XXLR knows more than we do, if he saw the video. I could not see it either.
    Thanks Tim.

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    There is an "easy" and cheap piece of software called BluffTitler which could probably do something like this.

    I've fixed the link now. Thanks Tim. I liked your demo Tim. It reminded me of a shawl of fish or flock of starlings.
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    I just checked and openshot has an animated (3D) title called "Exploding Text", Maybe this already satisfies your needs.

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    Perhaps one of these may be of use to you...

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