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Thread: A Movie Recap Video To Introduce Myself

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    Default A Movie Recap Video To Introduce Myself

    Hey everyone. Im new here. I thought i should introduce myself with a video, since that is what im passionned about : Video Editing.
    Im not British, hope it's not a problem. I live in France.

    As for the video, it's a recap of a bollywood movie. I haved added all the subtitles myself, so if you see any errors im really sorry about it. I honestly have no idea how much time i've spent editing it.

    Hope the lenght of the video doesn't become a problem.


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    I do not understand your description "it's a recap" of a bollywood movie. Is this an existing movie which you have edited to create a new story? Or did you film it all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TimAndrews View Post
    I do not understand your description "it's a recap" of a bollywood movie. Is this an existing movie which you have edited to create a new story? Or did you film it all?
    it is the recap of an existing bollywood action movie Ek Tha Tiger

    I have edited the whole video myself offcourse. I did cut a lot of action because my main focus was on the story of the movie that i tried to recap in 10 mins. The movie itself was 2hours10 mins long though.

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    Hi KmD, I imagine this is perfect training for an editor, spending hours reviewing someones work would give you all the analysis you could want.

    It also proves you have the patience to be a documentary style editor, involving lots of footage and cataloging.

    I'd hate it myself, but people like you would be sought after I'm sure.

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    Thank you sir. It means a lot to read "people like you would be sought after I'm sure".

    But could you please tell me what you were referring to when you said "I'd hate it myself" ? Because i didn't really understand it, sorry.

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    Some people have ideas but no technical skills, or admin skills, or they are not what they call 'completer-finishers' in that they never finish their ideas because they don't want to do the mundane things, they just want to have ideas. People like this are 10 a penny.

    Some have no ideas but love the technical things, or completing projects. These people are rare, (unless you pay them lots of money).

    Both kinds of people need each other.

    Personally, I have ideas, but my effort has to go into the other things to ensure those ideas actually happen. I would much rather have my ideas done by someone else, but that is not reality.

    I spend 5% of my time creating and 95% doing the technical mundane things. Obviously I find that boring, but someone has to do it, or there would be no point having ideas.

    So you have a skill that people with ideas need.

    We are many, and you are few. For you, that's a good place to be.
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    I like the idea and work behind this "recap"..... I“m a bit worried by the fact that we can resume (condense) an entire movie to 10% of it“s original time, but that is an interesting concept too! You should try with a world classic like Casablanca, or any of Hitchcock“s masterpieces (rear window?).... Looks like a great editing exercise! Disagree a bit with Stripe, as you need to be creative to make it all make sense in a much shorter time. MB played with that in a contest many months ago I believe... I also intended to, but didn“t have editing skills enough.

    I wish this kind of concept hit the 3rd world novels (soups?) one they last 2 years over a story that can be solved in 34 seconds....of the first chapter!!!!

    PS: welcome to the forum! No problem being from France. We accept anybody, even brazilians!!

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    Thanks a lot (both Tony and Stripe)

    I personally believe the making of concept of a video equals to 50% of work required. I try to fully enjoy my editing while I'm putting the concept into effect, but its not always easy. Plus I always change some parts of the concept while editing, which requires even more patience.

    I actually made this video for a competition. And I lost with a huge margin because people rejected my video because of the length and language of it. Do you guys think these things really are such big problems ?

    Thank you.

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    I wouldn't judge my film on any competition result. No one knows what judges are looking for. Although there should have been some guide to the length of film requested?

    I just won a competition, but I designed the film to the requirements. I had no real pleasure in creating or making it, although it was good experience.

    I'd rather have a film that I believe in, and can be proud of.

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