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    Hi guys, please take a look at a clip from our film. Take note of the difference in the background noise between the 2 angles...
    Is there anything I can do to reduce the background noise (particularly on the clips over the shoulder of the driver). I am using Sony vegas Pro 12.

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    A couple of different things could be done. Use an EQ to lower the louder sound, Be careful not to over do it. OR add more background noise to the quieter sections. You might also think about a touch of ambient synth music to mask the difference if that would be appropriate to the scene.

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    Great actors

    The engine sound level is correct on the furthest shots, it will be difficult to match it. I had this problem and added a separate consistent ambient soundtrack and then redid some voices.

    The audience would rather hear the voices clearly than notice the fact that the noise should be louder when closer.

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    I think MM's suggestion is a good start. Remove everything below, say 150Htz. Then add (as Stripe) suggests a consistent ambient soundtrack. I would choose a deep (low frequency) sound or notes. I looked at the audio using a spectrogram. Sadly, there is a also a mismatch between the volume levels which *might* be reduced by adding some careful compression.

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    OP uses Vegas and Sony does offer a spectrum analyser multi-program (forgotten the catchy name!), whilst not cheap, it offers some nifty features . . worth checking their Webinar.
    + However, my money's on redoing the speech in a fairly soft room - if it lip-sync then it can be layered over, so the engine noise is effectively masked (or not as the Editor determines).

    Incidentally there was a follow-on YT clip about Auditions for Mad Hatter Tea Party - where the room audio (air-con?) was BAD . . . what an insult to the youngsters who turned up hoping it would further their career-of-choice. + Surely they could go to a 1.50 tie-clip mic?
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    Off topic, but I thought this was a great llittle teaser. It really made me want to see more. Good dialog, delivered well.
    Yes, the sound could be better, but it's not like we're having difficulty hearing/understanding and if the rest of the film is up to this I suspect the poor audio will go unnoticed by most.

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    Taking the footage again with the engine turned of is not an option?

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