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    Default Music vid for June

    we've been a bit all over the place, its almost August and I've just released Junes music video from the music video a month project. oops.

    This video was shot completely in reverse, lyrics an all.

    Theres a vague blog going on here about how we made it.
    Let me know what you think

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    Nice concept, good story. What kind of problems did you experience with the backward thing?

    Great lady singer character. Liked the smudgy/blurry colouration for the city scenes, made the studio scenes fresh in contrast too.

    Song got a bit grating for me, a slow bridge may have given you more scope for story telling, would have been nice to have slowed the pace a bit at some point

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    We shot some slow mo stuff and there is a bit of a bridge in the song but its brief, however the slow mo just didn't fit in contrast with it all and knocked the story line out of sync.
    Main problems - it took hours to phonetically figure the song out backwards, I misjudged how long that would take and not all of it was perfect, there were a few lines we recorded which were way of. Acting backwards really hurt our brains, our actors were borrowed for one night only and aren't really actors in real life so explaining each persons actions took double the amount of time as we had to run things forwards to get people to understand it in reverse.
    The contrast between studio and street was intentional and glad you noted it stripe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
    Song got a bit grating for me, a slow bridge may have given you more scope for story telling, would have been nice to have slowed the pace a bit at some point
    I loved the sound from 1:34 - much more my 70's sort of thing than the 90's metal that the rest seemed.
    As for the video - it's great to see you experimenting with so many styles FM - an very successfully as well. Will you never run out of styles to try?

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    I think I've said this before, this is a great project to give you the needed discipline for commercial work or may be I didn't but thought it.

    Again I like the concept for this video, It's a very hard thing to pull off well but the editing style really help with that (fast cuts). The only thing I could think to change would be to shoot the girl walking with a wider lens or slightly less tight in as we loose half the effect of the backward shooting.

    Very well done.

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    Really cool. Didn´t understand the cowboy style of the guy, but also missed most of the lyrics ( )..... Saturated and grainy looks were interesting. Music videos are great testing fields! Well done!

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