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Thread: Most expensive waste of money?

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    Default Most expensive waste of money?

    As I touched on here -, we've all persuaded ourselves we absolutely must have a new piece of equipment, only for it to sit gathering dust. So, be honest, what's your worst buy and how much did you waste?

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    Fortunately I did nor waste much money yet. The worst purchase was a cheap action camera. I planned to buy more from them to take bullet time footage but the quality baffled description. The battery is non-replaceable and it hasn't any connection to place it on a tripod. Luckily I had a voucher and it cost me only 40,-.

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    Hhahaah.... this is the kind of thread that no wife can find!!! As cited on your 1st (link) post, my least used piece of equipment is a jib!!! Arrived from the US about 6 months ago and I didnt use it yet...not even to test it!!! By the time I bought the counter-weights here in BR (importing iron weights would be TOO stupid, eh??), the jib was already in the "video-closet", where it remains gathering dust until now. But guess what: Im always looking for a long slider to buy!!! All the other pieces are used in a regular basis....

    Looking back though, any SD camera gathering dust in the same closet seems like a waste of money, but they all had their time!!! 4K tomorrow anyone????

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    $500 on a top of range twin cassette deck because I swore I was going to go through all those old band tapes and make up classic compilations, and therefore needed every possible editing gadget on the deck along with the best quality heads.

    There are the first 4 tapes still sitting on top of it 6 years later. The deck sounds awesome, but pffff.

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    hmmm, usually do lots of digging before i make a purchase.... so generally i make good use of what i buy.

    one item which was kind of an impulse buy that i didnt really need was an ipad...... i couldnt do without it now
    'No longer are the pleasures of Home Movie Making limited to those with ample funds. Now the man and woman of moderate means can join the sport'..... Kodak catalogue 1933

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    I spent 15 on some stabilising gizmo that just doesn't work.

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    I can beat that. In my garage is a stabilizing system which works but is somewhat unwieldy and unused since I moved to Cornwall.

    A dolly. Not a cheap hague or tripod dolly but a full-blown, two-person plus a grip, sit-on bazooka column, professional panther dolly.

    It is slowly rusting away, falling apart, tyres slowly deflating, used as a nest for mice but I just can't seem to find the courage to sell it.

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    Sounds like it's becoming a "project stabiliser".

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