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Thread: Moving Landmark Identifier Effect

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    Default Moving Landmark Identifier Effect

    Sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum, I am new here. But, in this video: at about 2:05, there is a moving landmark identifier effect that I would like to replicate in a video of my own. I'm hoping someone knows how this was done (software with this effect built in, from scratch, etc).

    Thanks in advance!

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    I am quite sure this can be done in Adobe After Effects.

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    There are two parts to this effect.
    The first is to be able to create the create the graphic, and to be able to layer it over the original video.
    Secondly, to move the position (x/y) of the graphic, for each frame, to keep it positioned in the correct place.

    XXLRay correctly advises that Adobe's software can do it; but that is an expensive (and perhaps difficult to learn) option.
    It should be possible to do using standard NLE software; such as Premiere or Sony Vegas - however positioning the graphic manually for hundreds of frames might take a while to do.

    I beleive a common term for this effect may be 'camera matching'.

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