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Thread: Video board behavior problem

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    Default Video board behavior problem

    My video board, an ATI Radeon all-in-wonder, is having a problem. It started happening one or two days per month, then once a week, now, sometimes, once a day. The PC is a SONY VAIO, with 512RAM, 200gigs HD, 60% empty, Only 18 months old and no other problems exist.

    The board has an SVHS output that goes to a TV monitor and when booting up, it should load the drivers and output without any assistance. The problem is, all of a sudden it doesn't output anything... or it outputs the desktop image without icons or windows showing.

    In order to correct this problem, I have to go to the device manager, delete the ATI display drivers, then reboot and let WIN XP find the drivers again and reload them. The computer will work fine after that. Until a boot is done, then it may or may not do this again. We have checked and replaced wires, reset the video board and tried totally reinstalling drivers from the original CD.

    Any suggestions?

    Larry Thompson

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    Default Have you tried ...

    ... checking ATI's website for an updated driver? It's possible that there is a newer driver that might fix the problem you are having. Check it out. Good luck!
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