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    Default Audio channels not separated between tracks? (solved)


    I have multiple audio tracks, i switch between tracks when there are overalpping sounds, right and left, all the work I done for audio channels is useless now because the render just takes all the audio an puts it into both channels, what kind of nonsense this is, this shouldn't be default behavior.

    I have Xonar D1 audio card and with the software I muted one of the speakers and the sound coming from either one was from both tracks, instead of correct one side. Whenever

    Well just now I realized there is a thing called Pan, well, found Pan inside the

    I guess the channels thing just uses one channel but applies it to both, kind of stupid way of functioning by default, poor labeling. I am upset, i was right now, just seconds way from hitting render on the final thing, (3 hours worth) I was freezed for 5 seconds hovering mouse over the render button thinking about channels that I didn't check if they actually work, and they didn't.

    So i have to PAN everything now, a ton of audio clips ... funny thing is, these are all stereos pre-converted from mono, lucky me, panning requires stereo.
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    What, or rather, is there a question in there?


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    Yeah I think I fixed it, I went in there and predicting I missed something, opened up mixing console and by accident I noticed because I expanded the window theres more info per audio track than what's just in the timeline. So I noticed that the Master db indicator always shown both channel same exact behavior, that the audio tracks also have 2 indicators so then the pan worked when the indicator slider behaved as they should.

    Posted incase someone else searches for this solution.

    I right-clicked and just pointed to one of the channels in the submenu, I though that's going to do what I mean, it didn't.

    The title got bugged, fixed it.
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