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    Some very pretty images. I liked some of the the colouring, but notice it leaves the 'red' appearing very red. In effect, I found the scenes with a small red something more exciting than those without. Indeed, some scenes felt a little too short of contrast or colour or something. I thought it was pleasingly edited, and was pleased to watch it.

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    thanks thanks

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    I agree entirely with TimA about the way a little touch of saturated red makes some of the pictures come alive.

    With your beach films where eeryone is on "display"in public, the candid shots seem fine, but here I thought the early shots of the couples, whilst great shots, felt rather voyeuristic as these were more "private" and intimate scenes. Were the subjects aware you were filming? Did you ask them? Ditto the (very welcome) shots of the youg ladies backsides as they walked away from the camera.

    Some was great. Apart from the red I loved the shot at 3.13 (after it came into focus) was a great teal & orange moment.

    Some not so great a few shots (1.55, 3.17 for example) look wrong because the camera is not level - and neither is it far enough off to be a dutch tilt. The shot at 1.48 had the main subject ride a bike from in focus to out of focus and then you refocussed but immediatedly cut to the next shot. This felt like you were about to show us something and then snatched it away.

    Fussy, know, but I know you can take it

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    Thanks Tim end not so conservativ hier is holland wat was the intime shots???ha ha next thime i post intime shots i lurn ulot of you thanks for the videoreview you are great

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    Ups, some hot stuff on the way from Holland next time.... Nice shots and composition. Nice mood with the music chosen. I also got "intrigued" with the couple's initial shots... Friends? Paid actors?? I usually don´t film other people into more "private" moments... Nice legs at 0:45 though! Amazing the amount of signs in English there... took me a while to discover where you were. After both Tims, what else could I see??

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