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    Hello, I have a problem with HDD of which I had videos,recorded with Panasonic AVCCAM and .mts file extension,all my videos were deleted,with recovery software , have managed to recover my video files,they are the same size but they are .SWF extension and i can't use them in my video editing software, I've tried some converters swf to mov or avi but without success,Has anyone had a similar problem or some kind of similar experience to help me,thank you

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    The recovery software is unlikely to have changed the encoding. The most likely scenario is that te software changed the file extension, meaning your programmes are lead to believe they are not in the right format. Solution: change the extension name from SWF to MTS.

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    I tried to change the file extension from .swf to .mts by hand,but still not working and i find this:
    You cannot simply change the file extension of a video computer file by renaming it. This would be pointless, as it renders the file unusable.
    You have to convert the file into the file format you want it to be. This is the only way you'll be able to play the file after the extension is changed.

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    Re-read my post. I said that it is likely that the recovery software changed the extension. It is very unlikely that it re-encoded the video. It is not therefore the case that you need to te-encode. If renaming the extension didn't work, it is likely the files are corrupt.

    However, all of this is speculation. I suggest you download gspot and analyse the video to see how it is encoded. Once you know that, you can move to the next step.

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    file format.jpg
    and the next step is ???? convertor or ???

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    When you recovered the files, did you follow the exact steps as documented here:

    As previously stated, if they were mts files before recovery, they are still mts files. I can only assume that there has been an issue with recovery.

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    Another thread on the software's own site which suggests that the files have not been recovered properly

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    I have used R-studio recovery software to recover my files,but now i will try with easus data recovery,
    i have tried the easus data recovery on a formated 16gb sd card, just to see how it works,and it was successfully it have recover the .mts files in original .mts file extension,now i will try on my HDD
    thank you soo much

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