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Thread: Northumberland's Red Squirrel

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    Default Northumberland's Red Squirrel

    Hi all

    I have put together a compilation of red squirrel footage I have taken!

    All shot on a Nikon D4 with Nikon 200-400mm f/4 VR II lens. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

    Please take a look and view in HD for maximum impact!

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    Just watched full HD on big screen and it´s fantastic! Beautiful shots.

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    Yes, pretty to watch. And, assuming there was some kind of long lens on the camera; it looked pretty clear.
    I do wish animals would do more sitting around when being filmed. The problem is that the shot must end when the animal moves away. Perhaps if there are too many of these 'animal exits' scenes, then the viewer begins to anticipate when the scene will end, which in a longer film could be tiring to watch.

    I agree with bigmanjoe. The birds were pretty looking shots, but nothing to do with the rest of the clip.

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    A few of the shots, for example at 0.07 where the tail is framed, look "odd". I would have left these out. Re the birds, they have the potential to work if you fake interaction. For example the first shot of the bird would work next to a shot of the squirrel looking to an empty space in the right of the frame (i.e. up to the bird in the next shot. And the last bird shot would work if this is a reaction to the squirrels running around suddenly.

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    The footage is very well chosen but I must agree that the birds somehow don't fit in the video. Maybe it's because there is no story or message which one can follow.

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    When I see your username next to a new post i know I'm in for a visual treat. There are some fantastic quality shots there and a few I'd have left out.
    Marc is spot on about using the animals looking as the motivation to cut to another shot, thus enabling the incorporation of some other random shots.
    I love the fact that we can see you in the squirrel's eye!

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