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Thread: Want to build a PC for video editing for around 600..

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    Default Want to build a PC for video editing for around 600..

    Hi. I'm sorry for starting a new thread for this but I'm really not techno-savvy enough to understand a lot of what's said in other threads.

    I want to build a PC mainly for 1080p video editing and want to spend around 600 for this, excluding the screen cost, if this is enough for a machine to do the job smoothly..

    My friend can help me assemble it but he doesn't know much about video editing. So I was wondering if anyone could give me their recommendations regarding which bits and pieces I should buy.. It would be highly appreciated as I have a lot of footage that quite urgently needs to be edited!

    Any recommendations for software would also be appreciated. I have been planning on using Adobe but not sure which version. I've only used Pinnacle before on a low spec laptop and it was hell!

    Much love people Sorry to ask such broad questions...

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    I wonder that you have enough experience of PC-building to undertske this task . . . even assuming you know what to Buy?

    By going to a PC-Builder it won't cost you more, since they will give you a "complete" cost which will be close to the parts-cost - but you get some G'tee and it's no work. Later should a problem develop they will be able to fix it far easier than finding someone at random.

    What's yr Budget for the PC + Software?
    - Adobe makes good software, but it is pricey.
    Can you say what sort of Vids you hope to make?
    Are you planning to use an existing Camera/Camcorder?
    +Let us know what other gear you have that will help in the production, rtc...
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    Hey thanks for the reply.

    - I personally have no experience of PC building but my friend builds all of his PCs and will do it for me, showing me what he's doing for the benefit of my education. My only concern with using my friend for this task is lack of warranty..
    -My current camera is DSLR, a Canon 600D, plus a small pocket camcorder. I believe the next camera I get will be the Canon 5d Mark II.
    -I am making a mixture of music videos and comedy videos (stand up and skits), as well as tutorial videos (although these tutorial videos are involving a lot of edits between different angles, lots of editing, and some of these are an hour or so long).
    -Regarding software, this will be a separate budget, though I would like to minimise cost. I don't think I can afford 700 on Adobe Premiere CS6..
    -Regarding budget for the PC, I could probably stretch it another 100-200 depending on what extra oompth more money would get me..

    If I did go to a professional BC-building service instead, or buy a ready-made PC, do you have recommendations for sites or models?

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    My recommendation for vendor:
    Got my awesome road-warrior high performance video edit laptop from them and never looked back.

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    My quick recommendation :

    Processor - Intel Core i7 3770K - 283
    VGA - GTX650Ti 2GB - 105
    RAM - 16GB RAM around - 120-150
    Software - Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 - 17 (or newest version)

    Total: around 555

    This link for how to:

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