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Thread: Capturng Video ( from VHS )

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    Default Capturng Video ( from VHS )

    The general idea it to turn my old VHS tapes into digital and I purchased a Conceptronic Video Home Creator ( usb ) which
    came bundled with Power Director.

    When I first set up the device ( 2 days ago ) it was working fine but yesterday I found that the video was very scrambled
    although the sound is ok. I assumed that the RCA "out" on my vhs video may be at fault so I connected the video to the
    TV and it worked fine. I reinstalled the drivers for the video capture card but to no avail.

    I cant believe that the capture device is faulty after just one day and maybe it is just a case of a computer problem.

    I am running Windows 7 with a Geforce GT 430 video card.

    If anyone has any suggestions they will be greatly appreciated.


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    Does the video playback without error when played through your TV. Does this happen on all tapes? Was the same tape working fine previously?

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    The video does play back perfectly on the TV and still does play back ok. The tapes I have are very ok. The strange thing is that the capture device did work on the first day -
    but after that I a getting only audio and very scrambled and lined video and not flowing. I also updated the drivers from the website which didnt help.

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    As I see it you have two options

    1 - record the VHS player directly into your digital video camera; I did this and it worked fine; an sd camera is fine since VHS is low res

    2 - put on a rubber suit and re-enact the videos on camera; more work but lots more fun too; I use my rubber suit in the pool to keep me warm in october

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