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Thread: Where/How does a newbie start ?

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    Default Where/How does a newbie start ?

    I am interested in the art of film for several years , and more and more I am interested in it's creative aspects .
    Already I bought a book on editing and I got my sights on some video editing software . But my main problem is , what the hell I'm gonna edit ?

    Should simply go out on the street film random stuff and simply try out different editing techniques , or film different household stuff ? I don't have any actors and a good camera that's for sure . Maybe I should edit random YT videos , or parts of some simple movies ?


    This place of the forum seemed to me as the most appropriate for my " problem" , I haven't seen any sections,guides or threads for newbies .

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    Get out and film A great way of developing is to take part in the Vimeo Weekend Challenges - These are designed to develop your skills in certain aspects of filmmaking and are a great way of learning or just finding the encouragement to film. We've had similar challenges here, for example filming a your local town (here was my little video)

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    Thanks dude , another question I forgot to ask is what kind of pc is descent for a starter ?

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    Anything with a processor toward the higher end of the range, and built in the last 3 years. You'll want to max th amount of installed RAM, and have at least two hard drives (one for your OS and apps, the other for your videos). I run adobe premiere cs6 on a 3 year old laptop with no issues. I upgraded the internal drive to an SSD, swapped the optical drive for a second harddrive and maxed the RAM.

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    I guess there are editors, there are film makers, and there are those that have to do both.

    If you have the desire to edit, but no idea what to film, then you are an editor. Plenty of film makers need editors.

    Editors are more valuable than film makers. Ideas are cheap, actions are not.

    Be an editor, be the best you can, and remember that the film maker is nothing without you.

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    Spielberg use to say that the magic of the cinema is in the editing room..... May be true, but editing happens over good material. No editing will save bad clips!! And great clips can be lost on editing.... If you´re looking for fun, do both! If you´re looking for a career...get into a cinema school and try to find the best part for you. Camera? Sound? Editing? Production? So many options for sure.....

    Get the best computer your money can buy.... always!!

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    Surely TRRT wans some suggestions on how best to start? The possibility of becoming an Editor is some way into the Future...

    So, I would like to ask what experience do you have? . .. eg in Photography (or video filming), do you have any special interests, eg Sports, Bio/Nature, writing, .... and even researching "Pub-Signs" might do...

    Do you have a Budget for this new (Hobby/Income)
    What spec is yr PC ? - processor speed, HDD size, Available RAM and Operating System. Is there a separate Graphics card?

    That will do for now . . . .
    It's my view that you need to try to make a short film based on some personal knowledge, or Local History (etc) - this provides some framework, since you probably already know what the finished product will look like . . . only your job is to try an make it more-interesting than the next man.

    Over to you . . . .

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    If you have another hobby you could start making films about it or film friends while they are enjoying theirs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyBR View Post
    And great clips can be lost on editing
    And often need to be, for the sake of the film!

    Long before the Speilberg comment, Russian director Pudovkin went further. He said that editing was the creative force behind the film and that all that went before (acting, staging, lighting, filming) was merely the preparation of the raw materials. I think he has a point - but even taken literally one cannot dispute that the better quality your raw materials, it increases your chances of a better end product.

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