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Thread: render problem.

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    Default render problem.

    Hi .

    Donít know where Iím going wrong here. I had created my own template size 640 x 368 now when I go to render as I canít find my custom template to output at the size I want?

    Any pointers welcome. I was doing this with no problems before, canít figure out what I doing wrong now.

    Much appreciated.


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    Click on the little arrowhead next to the file format you want and this will open up a list of different templates.

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    In addition to what MB says, you'll find also the Search render templates option in the Render As window if you click that little arrowhead next to Output Format. Click on a blank spot in that Search box, enter the name of your custom template and click the icon on the right. You may need to uncheck the filter options like Match project settings first.

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    Yes Iíve rendered many clips. What Iím talking about is rendering to a specific custom size, my template. Iím using version 12 pro.

    Many thanks.
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    RE the two replies above (if you have saved your template)
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    Thanks guys. I don't know what had happened to the templates but they were obviously deleted. Still, got it now. Here is a handy link that might help others?


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