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    I've seen some cool videos that both use after effects and vegas, so I'd like to start mix-matching the two together. I'm gonna start learning after effects, but first, I must know this, how do I say, render a project in sony vegas then move to after effects to work on it then save it there without quality loss? If you can even mix-match the two together for editing. If someone can explain how this works I'd appreciate it

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    One common solution is to use render the sections with an uncompressed format; e.g. an uncompressed AVI, or as a sequence of uncompressed PNG images.

    A little warning - take care not to consider After Effects as an alternative video editor. INHO, it is best used *just* for those sections where the effects are required. I mention this because uncompressed AVI files may appear very large; and it is pointless doing any rendering if those sections will return later to Vegas wholly unchanged.

    I hope I have made some sense.

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    Yes I'm aware of not using it as a primary editor. However, I'm confused say, I make a bunch of AMV's. I'm curious as to how I use these adobe exclusive effects in my AMV. And do I add them after the video is "Done" in vegas or do I go back and forth? This is what confuses me.

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    Back and forth. Here is a rough outline of the logic:
    1) Create a clip in Vegas.
    2) Use Vegas to render the section you want for AE. Render it as an uncompressed AVI file.
    3) Save the Vegas project, and close Vegas. Start AEffects.
    4) Create a new AE project. Import the AVI file.
    5) Fiddle with AE with oddles of cool effects.
    6) Use AE to render it as a new uncompressed AVI file.
    7) Close AE. Start Vegas.
    Open the original Vegas project.
    9) Use Vegas to import the new AVI file, which can now be edited and positioned with your other clips.
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    Thanks so much. I look forward to making my videos even better!

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    Could you make a short vid which contains these principles?

    The snag as I see it si that AE is somewhat expensive, although in many Film-Making clubs there will be folk with good experience in AE. They should be able to assist, esp if the AE-effects needed are somewhat brief "Less is more, etc."
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    I would love an example if possible!

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