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Thread: Telling a story

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    Default Telling a story

    They said that if you can't beat them, join them, so I went off to make some videos.

    Here's my first attempt at telling a story in a music video, coupled with some dodgy green screen moments.

    They also said if you get a lemon, make lemonade, but this is more of a diet pepsi

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    Well... I liked it.

    I liked the music, which is always a good start (although it did remind me a bit of "let's slit our wrists together" Morrissey) and I liked the fact that the singer was present.

    For me, and this is just my personal opinion, it had everything but it could have been put together better. The vignette (screen right) got a tad boring after a while and lacked that certain something which would make me want to watch it again and again.

    So, for me, the concept was good but not excellent. Technically good but lacking the "x factor" to make it repeatable.

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    I felt the space background and rotating earth didn't really serve their purpose until the character "zoomed out" into the space. After that they had more meaning and purpose, but first half of the song I felt like they were unnecessary. I did like the funky looking head of the singer there, but perhaps the non-greenscreen parts should have been used in full screen or at least larger screen? It might be just me, but with the animation the earth being a bit lagging and stars-background very static, it gave me kind of "old" feeling you might get when watching older slightly tacky commercial. There was fine idea behind your video, but it had its downfalls in implementation.

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    Good attempt Stripe. Like the others I liked the concept but the execution didn't quite make the grade for me. It's a bit hard to put my finger on the problem for me. The bit's going on the left of screen was ok. The bit's on the right is the area that needs looking at. I liked that you thought about some of the shots like the pov shot looking around the room but you kept the same distance (focal length) for the rest of the shots. This is a common error with self shooting and something that can be addressed by story boarding out the shoot in more detail. The hard part is executing close ups when you need to be at both ends of the lens at the same time

    I thought the lighting was pretty flat for most of the shots but what made it hard was that I think the pic should have been a bit bigger.

    If you ever do a green screen flying shot again, stand on your toes it makes it look better.

    In conclusion, concept and great effort very fitting to the track, which I liked but needs more attention to those pesky details that make all the difference to a video.

    Well done.

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    RR: I would love to know that Morrissey track, I can't find reference to it. It's rare to be compared and it would help me to see myself without seeing myself

    SS: The concept was very much the guys spirit looking down on him and his life, and then he decides to leave the planet because he's lonely, but when he gets there he tries to go back, but it's too late. His spirit doesn't bother helping him, because his spirit is disappointed in him (sob). Therefore the layout had to stay fixed in order to get that across, which was the story within the story. Like your own work, it's hard to get a complex concept across at times.

    MB: That floating in space stuff is a harder act than it looks, I never thought of toes, I thought of hanging from the ceiling, but yeah right! I was quite pleased that I managed to have cut angles for the same scenes considering I was on my tod. Was a good learning piece, and I'm feeling more confident about filming actual stories now as opposed to just music videos.

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    I just meant Morrissey generally. The most miserable singer in the world, makes Leonard Cohen sound happy! Back in the 80s it was an ongoing joke that Morrissey's latest single was "Let's slit our wrists together" or some equally depressing title. Your song is nowhere near as depressing as his and you manage to sing more than one note, which Morrissey has still failed to achieve.

    Also your guy can actually sing, something else Morrissey failed to do.

    (actually your singer's got a good voice, in that respect completely different to Morrissey)

    Edit: You may gather I'm not a Morrissey fan.
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    REally love the song. I'll give you a hint. Because one think i must respect in the world is Feelings. ( Simplicity is Beautiful )

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    Hi Stripe

    I like this, I didn't notice any bad green screen, in fact on first pass through one of the things that impressed me most was that the green screen bits I noticed did work so well, I know getting green screen work right is not easy from when I've tried it.

    Great concept with the singer & globe to the left keeping continuity.
    Liked the song.

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    Thanks, yes getting greenscreen right was a very frustrating experience, I'd say it took me a month trying all sorts of techniques, and the testing is so boring film/load/software/render/view/review - repeat x99.

    There is no magical method to tell people, because it has to compliment your software, depends on the current studio lighting, extra lighting and type of lens.

    But here's one secret you won't read - try it with no lights at all, just natural light. You may be surprised by the result. What tutorials don't mention is that the background needs to be constant, but that doesn't have to mean floodlit - you just assume it does

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stripe View Post
    But here's one secret you won't read - try it with no lights at all, just natural light. You may be surprised by the result. What tutorials don't mention is that the background needs to be constant, but that doesn't have to mean floodlit - you just assume it does
    That actually makes a lot of sense, I've noticed when I've tried green screening that a lot of the problem comes from either the background being inconsistent colour (obvious that that would be an issue) but also from the reflection of the background making the subject more green. I guess adding additional lighting is going to increase the likely hood of the background reflecting onto the subject causing that green halo effect that you often see.
    Useful advice thanks.

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