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Thread: Critique | 17 year old white rapper | new music video

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    Lightbulb Critique | 17 year old white rapper | new music video

    I just made this video about a week ago. I wanted to post it on here to get some constructive criticism on my editing skills and so on. Tell me what I did good, what I need to improve, etc. THANKS!

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    The fast angles and cut off heads were fun for a while, but maybe you overdid it.

    I liked the style of the stop/go, it gave the viewer some feel for the characters. Your fast cuts and edits worked, and gave a snappy element to the whole thing.

    As you can see from the thumbnail, the scenery was a bit bland for this kind of music, or maybe rap is middle class now?

    Was that condensation on the lens? Did you miss that? It's not like you couldn't have taken those shots again.

    For your audience, only you know if you are cool or not, but the lyric is going to alienate a lot of people, and not in a good way.

    Your editing made the main parts of characters hanging on cars seem dull in comparison to the snappy stuff. Maybe try to spice those scenes up and do more of what you did well, such as the slick strobe chops etc, get more colourful and interesting main parts to work with, get some depth and distance to your shots such as wider movement and street scapes etc.

    Seems like you only have like a 50mm lens? That can be very restrictive.
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    I really appreciate the critique. You actually gave me good tips to help me improve instead of just saying "you suck". I feel like a little bit more research into plugins, effects, & techniques will improve my editing skills. Can you suggest any websites that can expand my knowledge?

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    I did not like that black and white part and the multiscreen (or whatever you call it). I would have liked more scenes like the one with the basketball maybe some cruising with the car or swimming pool footage. The location(s) seem(s) to be a bit limited. It could be more interesting to take footage from different places.

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