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Thread: Convert old Sony Hi8 Handycam to DVD

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    Default Convert old Sony Hi8 Handycam to DVD

    I was looking at the best way to convert tapes from my (very) old Sony Hi8 Handycam.

    Ideally I want to transfer the videos from the tapes to a PC, which will allow me the freedom to edit, save and burn them off to DVD if necessary.

    Any advice with regards to the equipment that I need.


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    If this is just a one off, you might better off using your local video guy to do this. He can then give you the digital files for editing.

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    I have a huge number of tapes to convert so wouldn't mind doing it myself and then selling on any equipment I used.

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    Default Convert old Sony Hi8 Handycam to DVD

    If you have a FireWire connection on your pc, then one of these will do the trick

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    Okay thank you. Any alternatives? And what if I chose to connect to a DVD recorder and do it that way?

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    For converting videos I use Rescue Your Videotapes. I comes with hardware and software. I just checked and i'm pretty sure the connections on your cam will work with it.

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