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Thread: Chillout psychedelic drone story

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    ...Chillout psychedelic drone story

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    Nice flight! Are those shots straight from the camera or did you stabilize them a bit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyBR View Post
    Nice flight! Are those shots straight from the camera or did you stabilize them a bit?
    Thank you, straight from the camera...I need little bit shake for the old feeling ; )

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    Nice. The music fits really well although the monochrome was a bit lacking in "sparkle" for my taste but I can see that, if it were in colour it would lose some of the "odd" feeling.

    (What is the music BTW?)

    Welcome to the forum. I really look forward to seeing more of your footage.

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    The old film look added to the music gives it an interesting atmospheric feel. If there is any criticism, it goes on a little too long.

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    Thank you guys, I appreciate your opinion. The music is "massive attack vs burial 'four walls'." I agree, video is too long, but I have a lot of scenes what i have never i made this : ) And the effect old film I was thinking long time about that...I have to used

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    Awesome videos, watched it 3 times in a row, really hypnotizing one. Reminded me of this video here, the effect that it has over me it's pretty much similar.

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    I missed the "story" from the title. Nevertheless cool perspectives. Maybe lens distortion fixes would have supported the old effect.

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    I'm surprised this was straight of the camera as there were quite a few wobbles in the middle of the shots (mostly noticable on the shots of the buildings) which I would have attributed to post production image stabilization. Maybe it was rolling shutter effect.

    Unlike the others (whose opinions I respect), I'm afraid this did absolutely nothing for me. It didn't tell a story, it didn't awaken any emotions, it was just some shots whose only interest as far as I could tell was that they were aerial shots: in which case I'd rather they conveyed as much information as possible rather than being "hidden" by degrading the footage.


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