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Thread: GPU Acceleration doesn't work on Radeon5

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    Default GPU Acceleration doesn't work on Radeon5


    I have HD5850, why is acceleration not detected, what a pile of junk.

    I will update drivers, but I don't think it will do anything, i updated them 2 months ago, I'm way above the requirements.


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    Looks like it detected now.

    I think i didn't had one tick selected for "AMD Decoders and Encoders" previously ... maybe, don't really know, not sure yet if it will in practice.

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    I'm very interested to know what you did as I thought the 5800 series wasn't compatible with openCL which is what is needed for GPU acceleration in Sony Vegas. I have the same graphics card and can't get it to work on my system.

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    Actually nothing, I have Pro 12.

    I think it was the fact that when I installed the drivers i didn't check all the boxes in Catalyst suite about decoding, i didn't thought I was going to do anything but now I am. it was 13.1 now i have 13.4 version.

    The options says Advanced Micro Devices ... doesn't spell out the name of the card actually but ... i think that's a good sign.

    Also i checked the loading screen and it says Initializing GPU accelleration ... so it ought to work, i haven't finished to do rendering yet, but at first glance, I can see the project loads up WAY WAY faster than before and the thumbnails too.

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