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Thread: Hi have a look at my teasers of a film im making

  1. Default Hi have a look at my teasers of a film im making

    I help run a Impreza Owners Club and this year i decided to make a DVD for Christmas Release.

    Along the way i make a little Teaser Clip, fast action clip of about 1.5 Mins long

    Heres one of them. Taken at Pro Drive a few weeks back

    THis one is from one of our monthly meets.

    This one is when we attended a Drift Club meet

    Im open too Critasism please as i really enjoy making these teasers and finding a good soundtrack to them

    I use two camcorders

    One a Sony PC3E ( its very old but it just keeps going)
    my new one is a PC1000E

    I use a Manfrotto 745B Tripod and a extened Arm to help hold the little Sony still when off the Tripod.

    I use Piancle 9 with rather alot of the Upgrades

    Whats the Best tapes to use as i tend to buy lots of different make, i use the tapes and keep them as originals.

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    23 views and no imput :(

    Bad or Good im open to imput please. :!:

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    I loved the teaser. My dad was going to buy me an STi, but everyone in Illinois had to get one. love the car though.

    Quality was pretty good. Editing was smooth.

    This is just me, but i don't like any transition other than fade ins and outs. To me, the video should look it's best without any special transition or effects.


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    Good parts

    Good quality video,
    Awsome cars,
    Crazy car tricks..
    Music fit well

    Bad parts..

    Some of the text that you added, was a little unessisary and took up most of the screen
    Some of the transitions werent really needed..
    and the video could have been shortened a little....

    but over all it was good, i enjoyed it, and keep it up...

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    Thanks for your input guys,

    Im taking notes as the next one will be a teaser from Japanese Auto Extravagansa !!

    With Flame out Contests, show and shine, Parties, BBqs with the whole Japanese car clubs attending.

    THe next one will be the Big one

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    THese are what i use,

    Live from Norwich !

    Sony PC1000E ( Stopped working after 13months)
    Sony HDR-HC3 4Mega Pixels High Def Mini DV Broke
    Canon HF 10 - Broke
    iPhone4 Sport
    Waiting for the Sony HDR-GW55VE

    Avid Studio, + Pinnacle Studio14, Win7 64bit 12 GIG memory, Nvidia GTX590, twin 3D display, 2Terrabyte HD

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