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Thread: How's This?? (London Jazz Trio Video in studio)

  1. Default How's This?? (London Jazz Trio Video in studio)

    I'm pretty new to all this.. Only got the one DSLR and a Sigma 1.4 30mm... Just ordered a full frame 6D and a 20mm Sigma 1.8 too...

    Please let me know what you guys think of this...

    Keen to improve my skills...



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    I thought you did a great job of capturing the cool jazz atmosphere. The clever lighting helps with this. You didn't try anything to fancy, which is right for a piece like this. Not sure if the titles were right but that's a minor point.

    Like all jazz it goes on a bit too long.

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    Thanks for your replies guys! I was pretty pleased with this video, but I've never had any education or training in the field, so it's nice to be told it's not too shabby! I brought a DSLR about a year ago to promote myself (I work as a guitar player) and some of the other musos asked me to make some vids for them. We originally planned to intersperse the live clips with interviews with the band, but that didn't really fit so I went with the titles and I take your point that they don't sit quite right.. I also would have been happier with a 3 min cut, but I think the boys wanted more in there!

    Thanks again for the comments. Much appreciated! Look forward to posting more and checking out some other stuff on this forum!


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