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Thread: Canon 6D RAW vs H264

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    Hi hi, I'm new on this forum, I'm a director, editor and 3D artist, I shoot mainly with Canon DSLR, I do my editing on Premiere and After Effects, and my 3D on Softimage and Realflow.

    I recently installed magic lantern in my 6D, and play with their new discovery, "recording RAW" 14bit 4:4:4"
    here is my little comparaison of RAW vs H264 on a 6D.

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    Interesting comparison. The H264 really shows it's limitations when you stretch it. I have a camera that shoots DVC ProHD and you can really tell the difference if you have to stretch it in post compared to H264.

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    I loved the music but I'm not sure why you used any in a comparison video

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