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Thread: Concern over editing AVCHD wedding footage

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    Default Concern over editing AVCHD wedding footage

    I own a Sony Handycam HDR-CX230 that records in AVCHD (.MTS).

    Before now all I have been filming are things like Florida wildlife and myself doing stupid things. I haven't taken the time to edit any of these, instead opting to store them on my computer until I "have the time." But recently a friend of mine had a wedding. There was a professional photographer there for most of the event but no one had a camera. Seeing as how I happen to carry mine everywhere I figured what the hell, why not record a few things. Well, a few things turned into the whole event plus several testimonials from friends and family.

    I, in a moment of hubris, offered to edit and present the wedding video to my friend as a sort of gift. The only problem is, I've never edited digital video in my life. I took a photography and film making elective in high school in 2003 but it was more photography and less film making. I did make several videos but they were all still images put together in 30 FPS clips, not any actual footage.

    I quickly realized that my format wasn't working with your run-of-the-mill programs so I began searching for compatible editing software. I can't remember the one I came across that finally allowed me to edit the video, but the first thing I noticed was that the quality was drastically reduced. Because several clips are shot in the evening I can't have this if it is avoidable. I need to know an appropriate editing software that allows me to keep the high quality. I would go and buy a bit of software, but I'm afraid of spending my money in the wrong place and not getting what I was looking for, losing quality, or hell - being lied to altogether. Vendors will say anything to get you to spend money.

    Any advice would be welcome! Very excited to get started working on the film.

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    There's no need for concern. AVCHD is a breeze to edit (providing you have a relatively new computer and the latest software). I use adobe premiere cs6 to edit AVCHD. Take a look at my vimeo account to see the quality of output.

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